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In the last decade, we have witnessed a globally developing interest in obtaining a residence/temporary residence permit, different from the one you have.

There are many reasons for that, but mainly, people like free movement and the possibility to change their environment during the year. Someone wants to spend retirement days in more pleasant scenery, out of hectic urban life. Someone chooses to work remotely and raise a family on the seaside or countryside.

A residence permit is a document that allows you to stay in the country for a period of time, depending on your circumstances. A resident permit often allows you to enter the country at any time, buy real estate, obtain health insurance, and enroll your children in a school.

The residence could be temporary or permanent.

In some EU countries, apart from marriage, work, study, or use of property,  a residence permit is available through residence by investment programs – Golden Visa.

Also, some countries offer residence preferably for retired applicants, with no need to invest.

For example, to obtain Golden Visa in Italy you have to invest in a company or make a donation


To be eligible for the Italy Golden Visa, you have to make one of the following:

  • Invest in a Government Bond issued by the Italian Republic.
  • Invest at least €500,000 in a company incorporated and operating in Italy.
  • Invest at least €250,000 in an innovative startup
  • Make a donation in the fields of culture, education, immigration management, scientific research, and preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

Key Benefits

  • Visa-free travel to Schengen Zone
  • After five years of residency, you can apply for permanent residency
  • After ten years, you can apply for Italian citizenship


To obtain residence in Montenegro, apart from marriage, work and study,  you need to have a property and to use the same.

The residence in Montenegro may be granted for the purpose of exercising and disposing of the right to immobility you possess in Montenegro.


To be eligible for the Montenegrin residence you have to:

  • Be co-owner of at least 1/2 of immobility
  • Have enough means to support yourself
  • Have rented or purchased accommodation
  • Have health insurance
  • Have a clean criminal record.

Immobility, within the meaning of the law, is considered family houses, weekend houses, villas, apartments, catering facilities, residential and commercial buildings and business premises.

Key Benefits

  • EU candidate country
  • Euro as a currency
  • After five years of residency, you can apply for permanent residency

After ten years, you can apply for Montenegrin citizenship