Practice Areas​​

01 | Mergers & Acquisitions

As a leading adviser to companies on all types of Mergers & Acquisitions in Montenegro, the Law Office Vujacic represents clients ranging from medium to large companies in multimillion Euros deals, which in many cases required also the performance of an extensive multidisciplinary due diligence exercise and the production of a respective report.

Our experience in many major industry areas, including financial services, telecommunications, petroleum industry, natural resources, aerospace, hotels, gaming, etc. and our continuous collaboration with international law firms of the highest standards has provided us with valuable experience that results to due diligence reports that are reliable, business oriented and to the point, without, however, sparing the significant details. We also provide our clients with all necessary services related to procedure of the concentration control in Montenegro.

Our services

• Advice in private equity transaction;
• Tender and exchange offers;
• Legal due diligence;
• Joint ventures;
• Takeover law;
• Environmental law;
• Corporate and Tax Law;
• Antitrust Law.

02 | Competition Law

Law Office Vujacic team was among the first who handled procedures in this field since adoption the Competition Law.

We advise our clients on the competition law implications of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, long term supply agreements and other business arrangements and also we advise companies wishing to intervene in the review of mergers and other types of transactions involving their competitors, customers or suppliers.

Our team prepares pre-merger notifications and merger notification and successfully completes all procedures related with this field before regulatory authority.

Our services

• Pre-merger activities;
• Procedure of merger approval providing;
• Horizontal and Vertical Commercial Agreements;
• Antitrust investigations;
• Competition Litigation.

03 | Telecommunications / Media

Law Office Vujacic provides clients with a full range of legal services in the field of telecommunication, media and technology. By ensuring a professional relationship with regulatory agencies and other governmental institutions, we work diligently for the most favorable outcome for our clients.

Our experience genuinely spans the full range of significant legal issues arising in today’s telecommunications industry.

We understand the clients’ needs and in that regard we provide legal services in the process of obtaining different types of licenses, interactive TV program formats, mobile content services, and dispute resolution.

Our services

• Providing License;
• Representation before authorized bodies;
• Conducting service related to competent law;
• Dispute resolution.

04 | Intellectual Property

Law Office Vujacic represents parties in significant transactions involving world-famous brands and all forms of trademark and related rights.

We provide clients a full range of legal services relating to protection, acquisition, enforcement and commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights.

Our team assists clients in protecting intellectual property rights and represents them before authorized government bodies and court.

According to the Chambers and Partners 2010 / Intellectual Property, Clients appreciated greater focus of the Law Office Vujacic in this area: “They demonstrated a very good understanding of both the local and international IP protection code.”

Our services

• Trademarks and patents licensing;
• Conduct researches on availability of trademarks registrations;
• License, distribution and sponsorship agreements;
• Investigations, litigation, counseling and transactions.

05 | Administrative Law

Law Office Vujacic team acts as representatives in proceedings before the various administrative authorities and before the Administrative Court of Montenegro with extensive experience in that field and our Office offers integrated advice which covers all stages of administrative procedures.

Our team has successfully represented numerous clients in a long list of public procurement law matters.

Our services

• Representation before all administrative authorities in Montenegro;
• Representation before Administrative Court;
• Appeals against authoritative decrees and other individual appeals;
• Legal report for businesses and individuals;
• Preparing procurement or tender documents;
• Residence and work permits;
• Concessions.

06 | Corporate Law

Law Office Vujacic covers the full spectrum of corporate transactions important to modern businesses market and provides innovative advice on corporate law issues to a wide range of privately held corporations and partnerships.

We represent a number of registered investment companies and we have extensive experience in areas such as ownership and management transitions, corporate governance, stockholder relations, and initial public offerings etc.

Our services

• Articles of association, shareholder agreements and meetings;
• LTD Company, Joint Venture, Branch registration;
• Corporate Governance;
• Financing;
• Share sales and purchases;
• Consolidations and Restructurings;
• Insolvency Law.

07 | Finance Law

The one of the major practice areas of Law Office Vujacic are finances, as we constantly advise on regulatory compliance, finance and investment services, advice on venture capital and private equity transactions, shareholders’ agreements and exit agreements etc.

Our team regularly liaises with the national banks and sector regulators and is fully up to date not only on the present legal framework but also on the policy decisions they make which affects banks and other financial institutions.

Our team is fully up to date not only on the present legal framework but also on the policy decisions which affects different financial institutions.

Our services

• Corporate finance;
• Acquisition finance;
• Corporate restructuring;
• Tax law;
• Banking law.

08 | Tax Law

Law Office Vujacic provides clients with a full range of legal services in the field of tax law as a one of the leading practice areas of our Office. Our tax team provides clients with high level tax advice in the fields of domestic taxation, structured finance, corporate restructuring, tax litigation, as well as representing our client before competent Government bodies in this area.

Considering that globalization and integration are the hallmarks of the modern economy that’s the reason for which our clients require integrated tax and legal advice, especially in domestic level. We ensure that tax benefits are optimized when structuring transactions in coordination with other practice groups.

The Law Office Vujacic offers a full range of taxation services from tax planning to tax compliance all the way through to tax litigation.

Our services

• General Taxation;
• VAT and Indirect Taxes;
• Customs;
• Taxation of Real Estate;
• Excise duties;
• Payroll tax;
• Income tax;
• Preparing legal opinions for each project separately;
• Tax procedures, Proceedings and Disputes.

09 | Real Estate

Law Office Vujacic team is experienced in the real estate transactions, corporate, securities, partnership and tax law to complex business transactions involving the acquisition, ownership, financing and operation of commercial real estate.

Our team has been able to leverage its deep and broad-based expertise to assist its clients in accessing markets for all aspects in this field.

We regularly advise real estate clients on a variety of matters as real estate transactions and projects, property purchases, opportunistic investments in real estate industry etc.

According the Chambers and Partners 2010 / Real Estate, the Law Office Vujacic appreciated as following “Market sources regard this firm as an important player in the sector, having succeeded in securing its share in advising foreign investors in the boom years. When plunging real estate prices became the market reality, clients benefited from this local outfit’s expertise in real estate project renegotiation and dispute resolution”.

Our services

• Purchase and lease agreements;
• Legal due diligence;
• Real estate operating company formations and investments;
• Construction;
• Real estate acquisitions;
• Project development and financing;
• Registration procedures;
• Real estate related litigation and judicial enforcement.

10 | Dispute Resolution

Law Office Vujacic is renowned for its experience in various and complex litigation. Our team possesses significant experience in cases before all state courts.

Our lawyers have handled a broad spectrum of legal issues with innovative, pragmatic and expeditious solutions with great success.

We believe that our success litigation results in most cases in which we were involved are result of our close coordination with clients.

Law Office Vujacic advises clients in arbitration cases with highly-complex disputes also.

Our services

• Commercial Litigation;
• Corporate Disputes;
• Employment Litigation;
• Environmental Litigation;
• Enforcement Procedures;
• Intellectual Property disputes;
• Arbitration and Mediation;
• Securities litigation.

11 | Employment

Law Office Vujacic has extensive experience in labor and employment practice and in handling labor disputes before the courts and arbitrations and in resolving employment tax issues.

We always try to anticipate and prevent employment problems and when they, after all occur, resolve them in the less painful manner in this critical field of law.

Our team work closely with clients tries to assist them in connection with the full spectrum of employment issues that confront today’s businesses.

According to the World Finance 2010 Legal Awards the Law Office Vujacic is “The Best Employment Team”.

Our services

• Providing expert advice on a broad spectrum of employment matters;
• Drafting of employment contract;
• Entitlements of employees;
• Disciplinary procedure;
• Compensation;
• Due diligence related to Corporate Merger and Acquisitions.

12 | Private Client & Wealth Management

Law Office Vujacic with its great experience, offers a variety of services, including estate planning, tax advice, investment advice, and more, to clients who want to increase their wealth.

We support clients in reaching their goals with appropriate strategies focused on the client’s importance and needs.

Our services in this regard are not limited to Montenegro, and we use the opportunities of other countries to advise our clients in order to grow their wealth including Canada, UAE, Cyprus, UAE etc.

13 | Citizenship and Residency by Investment

The multiple changes in the global social and economic scene affect that many investors wish to allocate business or make investments in different countries and use opportunities for getting citizenship or residency.

Law Office Vujacic support the clients that for getting citizenship and residency by investment in Montenegro, as well as in further countries:

14 | Other Practice Areas

Law Office Vujacic Some has extensive experience in other practice areas as following:

• Insurance;
• Representation in procedures of granting licenses – energy production and trade, broadcasting, games of chance etc.;
• Concessions;
• Environmental matters;
• Tax issues.