Keeping up with the GDPR

Law Office Vujacic had taken part in a training on the topic of the latest developments in the area of GDPR, organized by our colleagues at Altius, as a part of their “Keeping up with the GDPR“ series. This training’s focus was on the key news in the area of privacy protection in the EU regulation, as well as the most important changes in the local Belgian market.

The latest developments in GDPR trends include the following:

  • 29/02: Garante imposed a 79 million EUR fine on Enel Energia
  • 01/03: The European Commission sent DSA (Digital Services Act) information request to Meta for “Pay or Ok“
  • 07/03: Ruling CJEU (Court of Justice of the European Union) in C-604/22 – IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Transparency and Consent Network

In addition, there have been a number of significant changes related to the APD/GBA (Belgian Data Protection Authority) in the field of its internal structure, as well as procedural modalities. These changes aim to improve the authority’s functionality while simultaneously making the proceedings before it more efficient.

Finally, the most important Belgian local, as well as EU-level transparency and personal data processing cases have been covered, including the Black Tiger Belgium case, the Diocese Ghent-Catholic Church case, the Lithuanian Public Health Centre vs. Lithuanian DPA, as well as Belgian State vs. Belgian DPA case.

The previously stated developments are certain to have a positive effect on personal data protection as well as improve transparency in the future.