A new General Collective Agreement has been signed

The new General Collective Agreement („GCA“) was signed on December 26, 2022 and published at the Official Gazzete of Montenegro no. 150/22 on  30, December 2022.

The new GCA came into legal force on 31, December 2022 and  will be valid for period of three years.

The rights of employees are expanded with the new GCA which defines increase of job complexity coefficients, increase of the basic salary based on working on Sundays, increase of salary on the basis of divided working hours and increase of salary for every hour spent on standby.

Overtime work is limited on 250 hours per year now, and earlier it was only a possibility under Article 64 paragraph 8 of the Labour law but required a collective agreement for the implementation of this provision.

Branch Collective agreements should be aligned with new GCA within next one year, and the Collective Agreements with employer within next six months.