Business policy


1.1 Purpose
This Business policy is general for all our clients, and it’s purpose is to establish basic
right and obligations for both parties.

We greatly value our relationship with our clients and want to ensure that this
relationship is mutually beneficial. Of course, the most important aspect of this
relationship is the inter action between our Law firm and our clients.
By beginning work with Law Office Vujacic, you agree to work in compliance with this

1.2 Scope

This Policy governs all aspects of your relationship with our Law firm. Your are
responsible for  ensuring  that  all  of  your  employees  and  sub‐contractors  who  are
involved  in  our  joint project.

This Policy is the subject to continual changes. Therefore in case of changing Policy you
will be notified. New matters initiated after the publication of revised Policy will be
subject to the Policy as revised. Matters in progress at the time of publication of revised
Policy will also be subject to the Policy as revised.

Our   services   are   based   on   high   quality with   cost‐effective manner, maintain   the
highest standards of professionalism, ethic, and integrity so as to avoid even the appear
ance of conflict or   other   impropriety,   and   comply   with   all   applicable   laws,
regulations, and rules, including without limitation, rules of professional responsibility
and other applicable codes governing the practice of law.

1.3 Diversity
We belive that diversity in people, interests, expertise, and points of view
enhances our ability to provide high‐quality legal services to our client, enriches our work
place, and connects us to the communities in which we live and work.


This   section   outlines   emphasize   the   roles   and   responsibilities   for   the   primary
representatives of our Law firm.

2.1  Roles and responsibilities

The Lead of the Matter Project is the specialist from Law Office Vujacic who was chosen
by the Principal of our Law firm, exclusively for the Matter Project. The Lead of the
Matter Project is respnosible for making decision regarding to the conduct of Matter
Project. Client  includes  The  Lead  of  the  Matter  Project  as  a  legal  adviser,  in  all
meetings  and communications related to the Matter Project.

Principal reserves the right to rename Lead of the Matter Project, during the realization
of same.

2.2  Matter engagement

We do not start work on the Matter Project, until we have confirmation and
authorisation by e‐mail, exclusively from the client, and after signing the engagement
Engagement   Letter defines more precisely   the   terms,   conditions   and   obligations
for both parties, regarding to the Scope of Work, Fees, Billing, Team and Termination of t
he Project.

All legal services provided by our Law firm should be made in Montenegrin and English,
and other languages according to the request of the client.

2.3 Subcontracted services

We  may  engage  subcontractors  for  the  Matter  Project  in  part  related  to  court
interpreters, court expert, professional advisors, accounting agencies, etc.


3.1 Fees

Unless it si agreed otherwise our fees mainly are based on the amount of time spent on
your Matter by reference to the normal hourly rates of those involved. Details of hourly
rates and lawyers from our team that will be engaged on your Matter will be set out in
Engagement Letter.
Beside above, regard to the concrete issue there are various manners of our fee
charging, as it is on the basis of cap fee etc.
3.2 Terms of billing
You   will   be   invoiced monthly   or   at   such   intervals   as   are   otherwise   agreed
between  us.
Invoices  will  contain  data  regarding  to  the  done  work,  also  invoice  could  be issued
with pertaining timesheet with the specification of work done, including dates, names of
the lawyers, and work description. You  will  be  invoiced monthly  or  at  such  intervals
as  are  otherwise  agreed  between  us.
Payment of our Invoices are due upon delivery unless arrangements have been agreed in

3.3 Expenses and disbursement, VAT

Out pocket expenses are not included in the fee that is concrete for the Matter Project,
and also they are exempt from VAT calculation.
Value  Added  Tax  will  be  charged  as  applicable  on  our  fees  according  to  the Law
on Value Added Tax in force in Montenegro.
Value Added Tax in Montenegro is 19%.


4.1 Conflicts of interest

As long as there is a Conflict of interest, for which it should or must know before or after
conclusion of the Engagement Letter, both sides are obliged to inform each other, all in o
rder to establish further determinants and progress of the Project, by using all available
remedies for reducing of the Conflict of interest.

In   case  of   conflict  of  interest  between  you  and  our  other   clients, we will  discuss
the position with you and determine appropriate course of action.

4.2 Confidential information (third parties)

Confidential information means all non‐public information that we posses about your
Company and Matter Project, and opposite, either in writing or orally, as being
confidential, or which under circumstances of disclosure ought to be treated as
Information provided  to  subcontractors, will also be  considered as  confidential and  it
can only be used for the purpose for which they were forwarded.

4.3 Termination of engagement

Engagement will be terminated under the conditions as defined in the Engagement
Letter, unless otherwise provided or according to the circumstances so require.

The  terms  and  conditions  of  Law  Office  Vujacic  will  be  governed  by  law  in  force
in Montenegro. The Commercial Court   in Podgorica   shall have exclusive   jurisdiction
to hear and dispute which may arise between us.

Law  Office  Vujacic  reserves  the  right  to  make  changes  regarding  to  this Business

Everything that is not defined and established in this Business Policy will be defined by
Engagement Letter.